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Counterfeit Detection 

Cashtec offers a range of counterfeit detectors to suit every budget from a simple but effective hand held UV keying to a more sophisticated electronic detector that has an automated multipoint detection system

Cashtec offer a full range of point of Sale counterfeit detection devices no matter what industry you work in

Counterfeit Detection

Detect all Know Counterfeits

Volume Banknote Handling

Soldi Smart_front.jpg


Electronic Detector

Small, compact and reliable Counterfeit detection unit with easy to see tick & cross acceptance


SoldiSmart Plus

Electronic Detector

Insert currencies in any of 4 directions 100% tested and approved by the bank of England


SoldiSmart Pro

Detection Keyring

Insert currencies in any of 4 directions 100% tested and approved by the bank of England


Handheld UV Light

Handheld Light

Compact, light and easy to use UV detection handheld portable device 100% accurate


CT1189 Detection Lamp

Detection Lamp

Powerful double tube 9W UV detection lamp, ideal for use at the point of sale, 


CT1983 Detection Lamp

Detection Lamp \ White Light

Powerful 12W UV detection lamp with white light to detect the watermark in banknotes


Counterfeit Detection Pen

Detection Pen

Effective and reliable low cost counterfeit solution, simple to use and 100% accurate

penwith lightnew.jpg

Detection Pen \ Polymers

CT155 Electronic

Detects both paper and polymer banknotes, extra long life battery and easy to use


Keyring Detector

Keyring Detector

Compact, light and easy to use and carry on person 100% accurate UV light