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We have many products to make life easier in the Banking,Retail and Leisure industry

Intelligent Products

Ideal for

SPS 700 / 800


From point of sale devices to complete cash office solutions, there is a solution to suit your business.

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- Closed loop cash processes 

- Reduce time spent dealing with cash

- Increased security

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Counterfeit Detection

Ideal For

Soldi Smart Plus Electronic Counterfeit Detector

Soldi Smart Pro Electronic Counterfeit Detector

CT155-S Counterfeit Detector

Counterfeit detection devices no matter what industry you work in

Handheld UV Light Detector

CT1189 Detection Lamp

- Eliminate forgeries from entering your cash cycle

- Remove confrontation

- Improve staff efficiency and confidence

- Reduce Loss

CT1983 Detection Lamp

Counterfeit Detection Pen

Polymer Detection Pen

Keyring Detector 

Point of Sale Storage Solutions

Ideal For

Note Safe POS Storage Box

Note Store POS Storage Box

secure range of Point of Sale cash storage devices no matter what industry you work in.

POS Coin Storage Box

- Reduce risk of theft

- Closed loop cash transfers

- Increase efficiency

- Reduce Loss

Cash Transportation 

MK1 Collection Trolley

MK2 Collection Trolley

MK4 Collection Trolley

Ideal For

Ensure your cash is moved around your business securely and without risk

Coin Counting

RS2000 Count by Weight Cash Scale

CT6165 Count by Weight Cash Scale

CT6185 Count BY Weight Cash Scale

Ideal For

Cashtec offer a range of coin counters and sorters from smaller day to day float counters to equipment which will run around the clock.

Small Flatbed Bulk Coin Weigh-er 

CTMANM Bulk Coin Weigher

CT216 Coin Sorter

CT218 Coin Sorter

- Move cash securely through your business

- Protect your staff from theft​

- Streamline your cash process

- Increase staff efficiency

- Link your machine to your cash office software

CT220 Coin Sorter

Banknote Counting 

Ideal For

CTB20 Piece Counter with Detection

CTS575 Value Counter with Detection 

A full range of Note Counters from basic piece counters to high end CIS sorting machines

CT200 Value Counter with Detection

T225 Value Counter with Detection

T275 Value Counter with Detection

Magner 35D Piece Counter

Kisan Newton 2 Pocket Fitness Counter

- Sort cash whilst you count

- Streamline your cash process

- Increase staff efficiency

- Speed up your banking process

- Link your machine to your cash office software

X400 CIS Value Counter

X500 2 Pocket CIS Value Counter

Banknote Counting 

Commercial Safes

Ideal For

a full range of Safes and service contracts tailored to your specific needs

- Safe provision, installation and service.

- 24 Hour emergency call out

- Integrated lock and alarm systems




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