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Smart Protect Plus Counterfeit Detector

100% reliable detection* of counterfeits in less than a second, Has the all the new GBP, Scottish and Northern Irish Notes pre installed as standard as well as an additional 4 currencies. Future-proof thanks to improved test sensors and can be updated via USB or micros SD card when new banknotes are released. We also have the smart protect pre-installed with the new King Charles notes so when they are released you will not need to do any additional software update.

Smart Protect Plus Counterfeit Detector

How it works

What will it do for my business

Innovative and discreet – the automatic banknote detector automatic with counting function. The Smart Protect Plus will help reduce the amount of counterfeits you receive from customers. 

There are a lot of Counterfeit notes out in circulation at the moment so it’s best to protect yourself from losing any money by investing in a low cost but effective Counterfeit Detector. The Smart Protect Plus counts, detects & validates your notes in seconds so you can use this while you have a customer waiting at the till. If the note you put through is Counterfeit or suspect then the machine will alert you with a visible and audible warning.

The Smart Protect Plus has an AUTO feature which allows you to put through any of the below currencies and the machine will automatically detect what currency you are counting and then default to that currency.

These machines are great for peace of mind and a lot of our customers have stated they get a return on investment quite quickly. For what the machine costs versus what you could potentially lose in counterfeit takings it usually pays for itself in no time. If you have any questions related to this product please feel free to email our support team who are standing by to assist in any questions you may have.


Technical specifications below;

  • Unit Dimensions: 137mmx117mmx62mm

  • Power supply: 12V/1A

  • Standby time: 24H

  • Connection Port: Mini USB/Micro SD

  • Currencies as standard: GBP, Scottish, Northern Irish, Euro, Swiss Franc, Polish Zloty and Czech Koruna

  • Easy to operate, the banknote can be accepted in 4 directions

  • Automatic currency identification

  • IR | MG | MT | SD | WM | TD | Colour detection features

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