Cash Store Intelligent POS Solution


Multiple POS intelligent cash device The CSI is a smart deposit Solution that is ideal for upgrading your cash handling process to improve accuracy, cash visibility and shrinkage protection.

Monitor your cash levels, validate bills to prevent acceptance of counterfeits, simplify the verification process to securely store notes protecting you and your employee from theft.

Cash Store Intelligent - CSI 

Utilizing the proven MFL bill validator, the CSI reduces shrinkage, which is the loss of cash due to hazards such as theft, accounting errors, and accepting counterfeit notes. Integrating the cash store intelligent at the point of sale (POS) will streamline your cash counting process by eliminating unnecessary touchpoints and immediately securing your cash.

Streamline & automated cash handling

Individual user accountability

Reduce loss from theft & shrinkage

Avoid counting inaccuracies

Integrating the Cash Store Intelligent into your business will streamline your cash handling process while preventing errors and protecting your business from shrinkage

What it will do for your business 

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CSI cash store Intelligent Solution improves your business with cash management intelligence, allowing you to spend less time handling cash and more time managing your business. The CashComplete™ software provides you the opportunity to receive daily credit from local branches and delay CIT pickups. The CSI is an affordable way to extend intelligent cash management benefits to your business’ point of sale operation

How it works

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