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CT 1983 UV Detection Lamp

Modern banknotes have many security features integrated into them UV security features that only show up under ultraviolet light. The CT1983 is designed specifically to help you verify these features and identify potentially counterfeit banknotes.

CT 1983 UV Detection Lamp

CT1983 UV Detection Lamp

CT 1983 UV Detection Lamp

How it works

The CT1983 not only reveals the integrated UV security features in modern banknotes; it also instantly illuminates the UV security features built into today’s credit cards, passports and other ID documents, as well as UV ink applied to protect valuable items from theft or confirm event admission.It also has a withe light to identify the magnetic strip and a magnifying lens to allow reading of micro print



- UV detection

- Portable with key ring attachment

- 100% Accurate

- Instant result

- Notes/credit cards/driving licence/passports

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