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a revolutionary note counter that raises the bar in cash handling technology!

The all new Cashtec CT1900

2024 update


King Charles Ready


You can now count and verify GBP, Scottish and Northern Irish notes together as one currency.

The Cashtec CT1900 is pre loaded to count the new King Charles notes so no need to update!

  • Multi Currency

  • Counts Scottish Notes including all polymer releases.

  • Counts Irish Notes including all polymer releases.

  • Counts GBP including all polymer releases.

  • Batch Function

  • Pre loaded for King Charles Notes

Cashtec CT1900
Key Features

High level of Counterfeit protection & tested & passed by the central banks.

Cashtec CT1900
Cashtec CT1900
Cashtec CT1900

Product Overview Video

How the Cashtec CT1900 can help your business.
  • The Cashtec CT1900 Multi Currency counterfeit detection Note Counter is a powerful tool for businesses and individuals who handle cash on a regular basis.


  • Designed with advanced technology, this note counter provides accurate and efficient counting of multiple currencies, ensuring that you can process large quantities of cash quickly and accurately.


  • With its built-in counterfeit detection features, the Cashtec CT1900 can identify and reject counterfeit notes, preventing any potential loss to your business. This feature is especially crucial in today's world, where counterfeit money poses a significant threat.


  • The Cashtec CT1900 is easy to use, with a user-friendly interface and clear instructions.

Cashtec CT1900

With its multi-currency detection capabilities, the Cashtec CT1900 can handle up to 6 currencies, offering maximum flexibility for international businesses.


Whether you need to perform mix value counts, sort counts, piece counts, or batch counts, this note counter has got you covered.

Cashtec CT1900

One of the key features of the Cashtec CT1900 is its ability to sort notes in different denominations, allowing you to organize your cash effortlessly.


It employs optical inspection and uses a contact image sensor to identify counterfeit notes and distinguish between different denominations.

Easy to use, easy to update for future proof protection!

Not only is the Cashtec CT1900 packed with powerful functionality, but it also sports a compact and sleek design that will complement any cash handling environment. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls ensure hassle-free operation.


Upgrade the CT1900's software with ease via USB, ensuring that you always have access to the latest features and security enhancements. Additionally, you can connect it to a printer (not included, sold separately) to easily generate detailed counting reports, providing you with accurate records of your cash transactions.


Invest in the Cashtec CT1900 today and revolutionize the way you handle cash. Experience the ultimate in efficiency, reliability, and security. Contact us for more information.

Technical Specifications

Feed System: Roller friction system

Counterfeit Detection: UV, MG, IR, single CIS (contact image sensor)

Hopper capacity: 500 notes

Stacker capacity: 200 notes

Available Currencies: GBP, Scottish, Northern Irish, U.S Dollars and Euros

Display: 2.8 inch LCD screen

Power Supply:100~240V DC, 50~60HZ

Dimensions: 266mmx232mmx270mm

Net weight: 5.8kg

Gross Weight: 7.0kg

Interface: USB, Printer port, RJ11

Options: External display (included), Thermal Printer (sold seperatley)

Speed: 800pcs/min, 900pcs/min, 1000pcs/min (selectable)

Packing: 1 unit/ CTN: 345MM x 310MM x 310MM

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