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Cashtec offer a range of coin counters and sorters from smaller day to day float counters to equipment which will run around the clock.

Coin Counters

Coin Counting

Cashtec offers a range of cash counters to suit every budget from a simple effective counter to more sophisticated counter that has the capability of counting and memorising data from multiple till points 

Cash Scales 

RS2000 1.jpg

Count by weight

RS2000 cash scale

The RS money scale will count the contents of a till drawer in less than one minute.

6165SIDE VIEW.jpg

Count by weight

CT6165 cash scale

The CT 6165 is packed with the latest technology, save time and money with this scale.

Safescan 6185 side1.jpg

Count by weight

CT6185 cash scale

For the more complex cashing up procedure with multi till function memory and connectivity.

Bulk coin weighers

CTCB Flatbed .jpg

CTCB Bulk scale

The CTCB is a compact, lightweight, portable coin scale ideal for checking the contents of small bank bags.

MANM Cash scale 2.jpg

MA-NM Bulk scale

The MA-NM coin counting scale is ideal for counting large or small bank bags.

Coin Sorters

CT216 SIDE.jpg

Coin sorter

CT216 coin sorter

A low cost automatic coin sorter and counting machine for lower volumes of coin.


Coin sorter

CT218 coin sorter

A mid-range automatic coin sorter and counting machine for medium volumes of coin.


Coin sorter

CT220 coin sorter

A premium automatic coin sorter and counting machine for mid to large volumes of coin.

Bulk coin sorter


Coin sorter

DTC9 coin sorter

The latest DTC solution is designed to satisfy the market’s need for reliable and modern cash processing.

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