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RS2000 Count by Weight 

The RS2000 for counting the contents of your till drawer in less than a minute. It also memorizes till counts and can be connected via Bluetooth to EPoS software.


RS2000 Count by Weight 


How it works


The RS money scale will count the contents of a till drawer in less than one minute. The scales are portable and due to their adjustable display the counting procedure can be done standing or sitting and in light or dark environments. There is no need to press any buttons during the entire counting procedure. The subtotals are added automatically in to a total sum. The RS is the easiest money scale on the market to operate - with its intuitive menu it will allow the user to configure to choice. 
There is also no need to send back to the manufacturer for any service issues, such as calibration, as this can be done easily by untrained personnel.

Comprehensive  Warranty  Support

Stand alone or Connected Solution

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