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CT6165 Count by Weight 

The CT6165 is designed to streamline the cashing up proceedure

CT6165 Count by Weight

How it Works


Save time and make your administrative tasks easier. The CT 6165 is packed with the latest technology that allows you to count your entire cash register in less than a minute. Connect your CT 6165 to the included CT Money Counting Software and save or export your counting results with just the push of a button The CT 6165 is designed to facilitate easy cash-counting at the end of a long, tiring business day. Total up all your coins and notes in one fast, smooth process; automatically deduct the day's starting cash from the total; save and print your results for easy review. The 6165 guarantees an easy, accurate count in just a minute.

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CT6165 Count by Weight

CT6165  Count by Weight 



Silent operation

- Large 3.3” high contrast LCD display

- USB interface for connection to PC

- RJ-10 port for connection to printer

- Option to calibrate a second coin cup

- Maximum load 1.5Kg

- Dimensions 22.3 x 14.2 x 14.7cm

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