Soldi Smart Pro Counterfeit Detector

Electronic counterfeit detector that is accredited by the BOE (Bank of England) and will detect all known counterfeits. It also includes Cashtec's Scottish firmware for detecting Scottish counterfeit banknotes.


Soldi Smart Pro Counterfeit Detector

How it works

The Soldi Smart Pro is an electronic counterfeit detector that will detect all known counterfeits put through it including Scottish banknotes. It will play an audible beep once a counterfeit has been detected.

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What will it do for my business

Innovative and discreet – the automatic banknote detector Soldi Smart Pro with counting function. The LED signal frame and the acoustic warning signal deliver a clear result at the POS. Both signals can be disabled for a discrete check.

100% reliable counterfeit detection

For EUR / GBP / CHF  / others optional

Optical indication of the test result through the light frame

14-segment LED display with user menu 9 (5 languages)

Counterfeit detection: IR / MG / MT / SD

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