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X500 Value and Piece Counter 

Suitable for high volume banknotes. This sorter has CIS technology for detecting counterfeits. It can sort banknotes by value and orientation.  

X500 Value and Piece Counter

How it works

Compact and powerful the CTX5000 is the state of the art heavy duty 2 pocket friction note counter. Accepting all grades of notes it can act as a day to day counter and fitness sorter for processing mixed and sorted notes. With high end CIS forgery detection, batching and sorting features this machine leaves all others behind when it comes to note processing and reliability.

X500 Value and Piece Counter
X500 Value and Piece Counter

X500 Value and Piece Counter


- Piece and value counter

- Currency: EUR | GBP | USD | RON | CHF | PLN others optional

- 100% reliable authenticity check *

- Authenticity test: UV | IR | MG | MT | SD | CIS

- Ideal for high counting volumes

- Simultaneous counting of different currencies possible

- Large feeder for high banknote stacks

- High-quality TFT-color display, touchscreen

- Suspicious, heavily soiled or damaged banknotes are sorted into    the additional reject bin so that counting is not interrupted

- Display of total amount and quantities per variety

- Bundle function (counting stop according to set value or                  specified number of shots)

- Print function for a clear printout of the counting results

- Sorting of banknotes by type and orientation possible

- Serial numbers are recognized and can be printed if necessary

- Easy-to-open transport units allow the removal of compressed or    entangled banknotes and the convenient cleaning of the machine 

The CTX500 streamlines your cash handling process by eliminating the need to manually sort and count notes. With high end forgery detection it can be used to process large cash payments and process and batch your notes for ATM use or daily or weekly banking.

What it will do for your business

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