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SPS 700 / 800

The new Smart POS Solution is the fully automated Point of Sale recycling solution that minimizes manual cash handling at check-out lanes. It offers your customers improved service with smooth and intuitive payments, always with correct change.

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SPS 700 / 800

How it works

This machine deals with your customer payments. The unit sits at your point of sale and is informed by your EPOS system that a cash transaction is taking place and how much the cash transaction will be. The machine then accepts payment by the customer placing notes and coins into it. The unit then dispenses change to your customer. The SPS 700 also links to cloud based software so you always know how much cash is available to you at all times. With a cash collection cassette to remove money from the unit cash is never exposed again giving you a complete closed loop cash cycle.

What it will do for my business


This machine removes the need for your staff to handle cash ever again removing the risk of cash handling errors, theft, time spent counting and banking cash. Optimise your most valuable staff members time by removing them from the cash office and have them improving your business in other ways. With a complete closed loop system you need never worry again about dealing with cash.

Bringing maximum autonomy to the point of sale.

 SPS 700 / 800

SPS 700 / 800 installed in a tech store

How it Automates your Cash Process 


When it comes to emptying your cash from multiple positions, there is no more secure solution than the transfer cassette.

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