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Follow the below steps to get a commercial safe specific for your business

Commercial Safes

Marble Surface

Commercial safe grades explained

Valuable safe - £1,000

S1 - £2,000 cash value / £20,000 for valuables

S2 - £4,000 cash value / £40,0000 for valuables

Grade 0 - £6,000 cash value / £60,000 for valuables

Grade 1 - £10,000 cash value / £100,000 for valuables

Grade 2 - £17,500 cash value / £170,500 for valuables

Grade 3 - £35,000 cash value / £350,000 for valuables 

Grade 4 - £60,000 cash value / £600,000 for valuables

Grade 5 - £100,000 cash value / £1,000,000 for valuables 

Grade 6 - £150,000 cash value / £1,500,000 for valuables 


What type of safe locking System

As a standard on most safes you can specify weather it comes with a key lock or an electronic lock, please specify the lock type on your safe order


Alternatively you can upgrade the type of electronic lock you would like 

A key operated manual lock, supplied with 2 keys as standard, no replacement keys are kept

Key Locking 

If not upgraded lock is specified a standard electronic lock will be fitted to your safe, your install engineer will show you how to use it

Electronic Locking

Size and type

Freestanding safe - this safe is a not a deposit safe with any shoots or openings 

Deposit Safe - A safe with a deposit shoot on the top or the front


Remember the specify the rough size you would like, we will try and get as close to it as possible

Approximate size





200 mm


400 mm

600 mm

800 m8

200 mm

400 mm

600 mm

800 mm


Cashtec installation engineers are all safe contractor approved we do 3 types of delivery options, please see below

Kerbside / Delivery will be made to the room your safe will be kept in

Delivery and position / Delivery will be made to the room your safe will be kept in and positioned where you would like it

Delivery and bolt down / Delivery will be made to the room your safe will be kept in positioned and bolted don where you would like it

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