MK 4 Cash Collection Trolley

Protect cash and valuables while moving them around the store. This range of solid lockable and secure transportation trolleys will offer maximum protection.



- Coin /Till drawers

- 3 / 5 Shelf inserts

- Can be alarmed

- Lenght overall: 420mm

- Less handle: 320mm

- Width overall: 430mm

- Less handle: 320mm

- Height ocverall: 910mm

- Weight: 24 KG

MK 4 Cash Collection Trolley

How it works

The MK 4 trolley is a robust and secure device to transport your cash securely. It has a cash deposit system to ensure hassle free and secure deposit of your cash by staff with 3 separate compartment for the emptying of the secure unit in your cash office. It has the ability to be fitted with a loop alarm

What it will do for your business


The MK 4 trolley will enable you to transport cash around your business securely and in one operation increasing staff efficiency and reducing cash exposure to theft. With the addition of a loop alarm if the trolley is ever detached from the member of staff operating it an alarm will sound drawing the attention of your security team to a possible issue.

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