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MK 2 Cash Collection Trolley

Protect cash and valuables while moving them around the store. This range of solid lockable and secure transportation trolleys will offer maximum protection.

 MK 2 Cash Collection Trolley

MK 2 Cash Collection Trolley

 MK 2 Cash Collection Trolley



- Coin /Till drawers

- Postbox top flap

- Can be alarmed

- Lenght overall: 650mm

- Less handle: 550mm

- Width overall: 430mm

- Less handle: 320mm

- Height ocverall: 910mm

- Body casing 730mm*

- Weight: 22 KG

How it works

The MK 2 trolley is a robust and secure device to transport your cash securely. It has a cash deposit system to ensure hassle free and secure deposit of your cash by staff with a separate compartment for the emptying of the secure unit in your cash office. It has the ability to be fitted with a loop alarm

What it will do for your business


The MK1 trolley will enable you to transport cash around your business securely and in one operation increasing staff efficiency and reducing cash exposure to theft. With the addition of a loop alarm if the trolley is ever detached from the member of staff operating it an alarm will sound drawing the attention of your security team to a possible issue.

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