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CTS 275 Value & Piece Counter

The models belonging to the S-series are know as back loaders, i.e. the banknotes are fed in to the machine from the back - a smaller quantity can be fed in this way.

CTS 275 Value & Piece Counter

How it works


This back-feed machine is suitable for smaller volumes of
banknotes. They will be counted by value and an overall result will be displayed for the amount of banknotes and denomination you have counted.

CTS275 Piece & Value Counter with Counterfeit Detection

CTS 275 Value & Piece Counter
CTS 275 Value & Piece Counter

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- Value and piece counter

- Ideal for small counting volumes

- Counterfeit detection: UV / IR / MG / SD

- TFT - colour display

Simple and smooth EURO2 updates via the provided update cable.

- Print function for a clear printout of the counting results

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