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Pick out counterfeits ensuring that non are reissued or banked. It will greatly decrease the time spent cashing up and banking within your business freeing up your staff for customer focused operations.

CTB 20 Piece Counter / Counterfeit Detection

CTB20 Piece Counter with Counterfeit Detection

How it works

B20 front.png

The CTB20 is a basic friction note counter which counts notes at high speed whilst also using ultra violet light for forgery detection.

What it will do for your business

B20 front.png

- Ideal solution for pre-sorted banknotes 

- Piece counter if you want to determine the number of bills

- Perfect if you have a small counting volume (about 200,000            banknotes / year)

- Affordable when looking for a low cost entry model

- Currencies: EUR, GBP further optional

- Authenticity test: UV I IR 

- Bundle function (counting stop according to specified number of    shots)


The CTB20 is an economical piece counting machine that will count your notes in a fraction of the time it normally takes your staff. 

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